Symptom Monitoring

Do I need to get tested for the COVID-19 virus?

Currently, people who show symptoms such as a fever and/or cough, or shortness of breath are assessed and evaluated by a doctor before they are asked to get tested for the virus in a lab.  The recommendations are changing quickly—check the CDC guidelines here for the latest.

Why COVID-19 monitoring in cancer patients?

Cancer patients and survivors are reported to have a higher risk of COVID -19 infection. A recent JAMA oncology publication stated that the rate of infection by the novel coronavirus in patients with cancer was twice the cumulative incidence of all diagnosed COVID-19 cases.

What is COVID-19 monitoring?

Doctors can remotely examine patients to ensure that symptoms related to a COVID-19 infection are recorded and managed if needed.  Our COVID-19 assessment tool is equipped to pair with an FDA approved Bluetooth thermometer which is supplied by us. The tool captures your temperature, COVID-19 specific symptoms, and then connects you with a physician for additional evaluation.

How do I select a doctor for COVID-19 monitoring?

You can get COVID-19 monitoring done by your existing doctor by simply selecting them from our list. If your doctor is not registered with us, you can invite him/her to join, or you can select one of our panel oncologists to monitor you for COVID-19 symptoms. The monitoring starts once a doctor accepts and completes a tele-health visit, then you can start reporting symptoms and temperature, and remotely consult with the doctor as needed.

Who pays for COVID-19 monitoring?

Providers monitoring you for COVID-19 infection are paid by the CMS for Medicare beneficiaries. If you are covered by your employer or by private insurers, please contact us and we will work with them to arrange for reimbursement. In either case, as with a typical office visit, you would only need to pay the applicable co-pays at the end of a tele-health visit.

How do I seek a referral to a local physician for an in-office visit?

Use our Ask-A-Doc tool to ask questions, and to seek a referral to a local physician. Your local physician will collect co-pays directly in the clinic and file claims by his/her own biller.

How does Telehealth work?

You can schedule a televisit with your physician at any time. At your scheduled time, just open the televisit link sent to you and your physician will join the meeting. Your physician is required to establish a physician-patient relationship before initiating COVID-19 monitoring.

Can I use this COVID-19 monitoring app to report symptoms related to my cancer treatment as well?

Our app is designed to report nine symptoms specific for the COVID-19 infection. Cancer treatment related symptoms include several others like nausea, vomiting, headache, etc.  You would use a separate symptom monitoring tool to report these.  Speak with your doctor for more information about this option.

What about the security and privacy of my information?

The KovidPower app protects patient identifiable information and is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. We take extraordinary care to verify all users, ensure data integrity and make sure providers are credentialed.

Why do I need to complete a profile before using the physician services?

The information you provide in your profile allows the treating physician to have a better idea about your health. Knowing your social and family history as well as any other comorbid health conditions you might have, such as hypertension, diabetes etc. allows the doctor to make an informed assessment.


What is Ask-A-Doc?

Ask-A-Doc is an engagement tool for you to ask any general questions about your primary cancer diagnosis.  It is a free service provided to patient members of the OncoPower community by physicians who use the OncoPower platform.

How is Ask-A-Doc different from the COVID-19 monitoring app?

Our COVID-19 monitoring tool KovidPower, enables doctors to remotely examine patients and ensure that symptoms related to a COVID-19 infection are recorded and managed as needed.   Ask-A-Doc is a messaging tool where patients can ask oncologists on the platform quick questions about health related concerns.  Depending on the patient’s membership level and insurance details, a copay may apply.

How do I select a doctor?

You may either select one of our panel physicians who offer this as a free service, or you may choose a local physician in your area that has chosen to respond to general questions. In either case using the Ask-A-Doc tool will not constitute a patient-provider relationship.

Can I ask questions about specific treatment for my cancer?

In or Ask-A-Doc feature, our panelists will not have specific information about you or your current treatment. They will only provide general answers.

Can I ask for a recommendation for a doctor in my area?

When interacting with any of the doctors on our panel,  you may request a referral to a local doctor in your neighbourhood for in-office visits. Where applicable, your local physician will collect co-pays directly and file claims with your insurers as needed using his/her own biller.

Can I invite my current doctor to Ask-A-Doc?

If your primary treating oncologist is not displayed among available doctors, you can invite them to join.  The option to do this can be accessed from your profile.

Can I schedule appointments with a doctor using Ask-A-Doc?

Yes. You can use the Ask-A-Doc tool to schedule e-visits or an office visit with a doctor if they are accepting appointments. If appointment slots are not available that means the doctor has not enabled their calendar. Please contact support@oncopower.org for help.